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Copper plate

At Shree Metals, we deliver remarkable quality Copper plates and pride ourselves as one of the most sought-after copper plate dealers in Chennai. Our UL certified products guarantee about top class products. Copper plates needs to have the requisite conductivity and resistivity level to aid the purpose of earthing. A slight compromise in the quality can put many life at a risk. The copper plates manufactured here can withstand any hazardous environment condition and thus are promised to offer impeccable performance as compared to others.

Copper plates manufactured here have both high thermal and electrical conductivity thus are perfect to be used for any purpose. Many industries rely on utilising copper plates for the building of products that require effective corrosion protection. Our innovative products have prove to stand out to be the best in that time and again and thus are the best choice for them. Pause your search for reliable copper plate suppliers in Chennai and contact us at SALES@SHREEMETALS.COM.

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