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Bare copper wire

Shree metals is renowned for providing the highest quality bare copper wire in Chennai with a reasonable price tag. We offer our clients precisely engineered products manufactured by highest quality raw materials. Finding the best quality bare copper in Chennai can be a daunting task especially when so many cheap alternatives are available in the market, but with us, you are guaranteed to avail only authentic products. Bare copper has no protective shield or covering and is mostly used by engineers that require no insulation. They are mainly used during the production and manufacturing process where more flexibility is needed. The bare copper is essential in those cases where bending and a more flexible option is required. Especially where there is more humidity or other natural factors present bare copper is preferred to copper wire. We understand the requirement well and that’s why engineer our products to serve the purpose in any type of adverse situation.

If you need a helping hand for your requirement against bare copper wires, just give us a call on +9140-66514121 or +919705212221.

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